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Our focus is physical health and movement. The practice is about building, repairing and maintaining the competencies of movement and performance. So the work is all about the body, but the process, and the outcomes, are often enough about the soul.


Each one of us is unique, wholly individual; different. Respect for that simple truth, oddly enough, is a point of difference in itself. Cookie-cutter solutions, even text book answers, fall far short of our criteria for care. Think of it this way: Every problem, injury or a condition that causes pain, or constrains movement can be viewed as an invitation in disguise.  Each case offers an opportunity to find the right combination of treatment, training and understanding.  


That helps explain why several schools of thought and multiple therapeutic methods are employed to best identify and treat the issue at hand. The answer is lodged in the question. Our goal is to help every patient (or client) find their answer and use it for all it is worth.  Call us and we will explain more fully why optimizing movement matters so much.

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